Monday Minute: James Has A Cell Phone And Knows How To Use It (Kind Of)

640px-LowesMeyerlandHoustonTXThis summer, we bought James his first cell phone in anticipation of him walking alone to high school (just across the street) this Fall. He seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly, and has developed a strong preference for texting versus actually talking. And as you all know, it’s sometimes hard to gauge emotions through a text…

Today I pulled into the loading zone at Lowe’s to pick up an already-paid-for order, and noticed that Ian and Donovan had both fallen asleep. I made a snap decision. “James, stay with the boys for just a second,” I said, turning on my flashers. “I just need to wheel the cart out and load the van, but text me if either of them wake up or if there is any kind of emergency and I’ll be out in a split second.”

“Sure thing Mom,” replied James. He slipped his phone out of his pocket, starting up Minecraft.

“No Minecraft,” I said firmly. “Texting only, in case I need to get a hold of you.” And with that, I hustled inside.

About 30 steps later, as I was standing first in line at customer service, I got my first text. “Sorry,” I said to the cashier. “I just have to check this in case it’s the kids. I left the car running…” I looked down. Continue reading


The Chicken Adventure, Part 3: Two Birds With One Stone…. aka Chicken Therapy

wpid-wp-1435724053497.jpegMy 4 year old son has Aspergers, and let’s just say that despite our best efforts his social calendar mainly involves his siblings so far. His sometimes incessant ramblings about math, Minecraft, and National Geographic combined with a tendency to tantrum if “the rules” are not followed leave his preschool peers alarmed, confused, annoyed or a combination of all three.

Despite my certainty that Adam is destined for greatness someday, I do sometimes worry that he will be lonely, which is why his enthusiasm for our pet chickens came as a delightful surprise. But what has been even better is our chickens’ enthusiasm for Adam. Continue reading

Monday Minute: Are You Sure You Missed This?

wpid-wp-1433377357705.jpegDue to popular demand, I have decided not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Though The Foorce may be left behind in NYC, Mondays and Monday Minutes are definitely still happening here in Texas. And with more kids than ever before, I figure more kids = more Monday Minutes, because everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

And yes, I know it’s not a Monday – let’s not get picky here.


Ian (runs in, pointing to his chest): Mooommmmm, Adam drew a spot on me!  Continue reading