I’ll Admit It, There’s Another Man In My Life

Ian and James like to listen to Bill Harley with their ears as close to the speaker as possible.

Ian and James like to listen to Bill with their ears as close to the speaker as possible.

He’s funny, kind, incredibly creative and best of all, helps me out with the children when my husband is working long hours. He’s come to the rescue so many times I’ve lost count, and even though we just became acquainted a few months ago our relationship has grown exponentially (those feelings might be a little one-sided). Bill – that’s his name – has stopped my kids with just one word in the middle of a wrestling match and has entertained them all while stuck in traffic, waiting in line, and during that icky before-bed-after-dinner period where everyone would otherwise be freaking out. He just starts with one of his silly stories or spooky songs and zoop-zoop,* everyone is quiet, hanging onto his every word.

Bill Harley, I’m not sure you realize the extent of your impact on our family, but even my husband has come to really admire you. He’s especially fond of the way you can turn a long car trip into an enjoyable experience once again – one of his favorite stories is Jack and the Singing Leaves. I find myself singing bits of “If You Want To Be a Grub” every time a kid starts to whine about bathtime, and my kids still laugh every time they hear “Dad Threw The TV Out The Window.” But most of all, Bill, I especially appreciate the way you have made quality fun family memories out of times that are otherwise often filled with screens or screams. I can not think of many other reasons why I would find my 4 older children cuddled together on the couch except for when they are listening intently to your latest fantastic tale.

If you’re looking for a good way to introduce Bill to your children, the You’re in Trouble album was our first of many (many many) Bill Harley purchases and is still one of the kids’ favorites. You can also listen to a bunch of samples here – look for stories like Abiyoyo, The Freedom Bird, High Dive, and A Walk Around The Block and it’s fair to say you’ll be hooked.

*Any hardcore Bill Harley fans out there know what story this reference is from?


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